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Altered Fate

Altered Fate is a Fate Core campaign based “mainly” in the central area of the East Coast, specifically the cities of Hampton/Newport News, Portsmouth/Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

The campaign is a mixture of X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Men in Black. The characters are newly recruited members of an organization known as ARIES.

ARIES is an organization dedicated to protecting the normal populace from the things that should not exist and keeping such things secret, ostensibly to avoid panic and chaos. Members of ARIES are technically the good guys, and are trying to do the right thing as they see it to protect the world. Of course there are other factions within the government “in the know” about the supernatural threat, and some of them are not as nice. Specifically, a shadow organization in the government known colloquially as the “Men in Black”, is not very concerned with collateral damage as long as secrets are kept and the populace is safe (i.e. fat, dumb, and happy)

The new recruits currently consist of:

A Drood Kitchen Witch,
A Blind Cyber-Wiccan,
A Fighting Priest, and
An Ass-Kicking Pool Boy

Agent smith1Their team ARIES liaison is a bureaucratic wise ass named Mr Smith. The local ARIES headquarters is located in the sub basements of the Chrysler Museum, Norfolk Va.

Feel free to follow the link to the Campaign Creation Worksheet.

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