Basic Magic

Extra: Magic (Sorcery)

Permissions: One aspect reflecting that you’ve been trained in magic.
Costs: Skill ranks, specifically those invested in the Lore skill.

People who are trained in Sorcery are able to use their knowledge to perform supernatural effects, adding the following actions to the Lore skill:

Overcome: Use Lore to prepare and perform magical rituals successfully, or to answer questions about arcane phenomena.

Create an Advantage: Use Lore to alter the environment with magic or place mental and physical impediments on a target, such as Slowed Movement or A Foggy Head. Characters can defend against this with Will.

Attack: Use Lore to directly harm someone with magic, whether through conjuring of elements or mental assault. Targets can defend against this with Athletics or Will depending on the nature of the attack, or Lore if the target also has magical training.

Defend: Use Lore to defend against hostile magics or other supernatural effects.

Sorcery Stunts

Sorcery: Requires an appropriate Power Aspect

This stunt allows a character to use the Lore skill in place of any other skill on a single roll, even if the usual tools and equipment for the skill being replaced are not available. However there is a cost.

The price to pay for using Sorcery is either a Fate Point or taking two time increments longer to perform the task. (see time shifts) If the extra time cost is chosen rather than spending a Fate Point and the test is successful, regardless of how many shifts are assigned to reducing the base time of the action, the actual duration cannot be reduced below A minute (three steps above the default time period of A few moments).

In addition to the Fate Point or time cost, the magic user must also perform an act that focuses and channels the magical energies; such channelling acts have both a verbal component (incantations, chanting, singing) and a physical component (gesturing, dancing, performing a martial kata and so forth).

These acts of focusing make it fairly clear that the character is performing an act of magic; the use of Sorcery will be recognised with a successful Alertness or Lore test with a Difficulty of Mediocre (+0) plus 1 per zone the observer is away from the magic user; any Barrier ratings also add to this Difficulty.

The Sorcery stunt also allows a character to use their own Lore skill to resist, or even perform a block against, uses of Sorcery performed by other characters.

Basic Magic

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