Basic Alchemy

Power of Alchemy

Alchemy is a mystical counterpart to the Science skill, providing transformational and creative power over the inanimate world; the transmutation of elements (such as lead to gold); the mystical refinement of the alchemist’s spirit culminating in the “touchstone”, the power of primary creation itself. It also includes magical potions effecting “transformations” in others.


Know Substance: The character can analyze and identify substances, including poisons. This trapping can be used for assessments and declarations.

Find Substance: You can detect a given substance. The base difficulty is Mediocre (+ 0) for a single element (copper, silver, gold), although obscure compounds and magical substances (medusa venom, powdered unicorn horn) are more difficult to detect.

Create Potions: You can make potions for which you already have the corresponding power skill or stunt (you must have the Life power skill to make healing potions, for example). Roll your Alchemy skill against a Mediocre (+ 0) difficulty; the shifts generated indicate the potion quality, up to a maximum of your Alchemy or power skill level minus 1, or the quality of your alchemical laboratory, whichever is lower; the quality indicates the level of the power skill or stunt contained. You make 3 doses of the potion; 2 doses if the potion relates to a stunt. This takes half a day; extra time may be spent to retroactively improve a roll by + 1 for each additional step on the Time Increments Table, to a + 4 maximum. The Story Teller may increase the base difficulty if circumstances are less than ideal (such as working with inferior ingredients).

Potions are usually made to be drunk, at which point the contained power is “cast”; a skill check is required to see how effective the contained power is (so, drinking a Good (+ 3) healing potion would be the same as using a Good (+ 3) Life power skill to heal you). You can make an inhaling powder instead, but must decide before you roll your Alchemy skill. Powders are more easily delivered to unwilling or unsuspecting targets (by being blown in the face, etc), an attack using skills like Athletics or Stealth and resisted by Athletics or even Resolve.

Purify Object: Removes impurities, poisons or disease in a liquid or food; acts as a dispel.

Alchemy Stunts

Potion (Alchemy): Similar to the Personal Magical Item stunt, this allows you to create a potion for a power skill you already know, or to have a potion created by someone else. You have three advances, usually used to increase potion quality (so up to Good (+3) for a simple potion like a Potion of Healing), although you may spend an advance to create a potion for a stunt. You may take this stunt multiple times to increase the advances available. See Items for an example potion. You may use the potion once per scene.

Basic Alchemy

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